The Warriors Gate 勇士之门 review

Yay! We have won a pair of movie ticket Money Digest Facebook to watch The Warriors gate 勇士之门 preview on Wednesday. 


This is a French-Chinese collaboration talking about a boy who accidentally enter the ancient China world and has to rescue Princess Sulin from the clutch of Arun The cruel (the Horrible, the Terrible, the Miserable) with the help of warrior Zhao (Mark Chao). This simple story bears similarities to The Forbidden Kingdom, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the story is portrayed in a messy way that Chinese audience will likely fail to appreciate it. The story does not flow smoothly and there are many times I was scratching my head wondering why why why. Why is everyone speaking fluently in English, including the people in the ancient China, but occasionally there will be a few lines in Mandarin. I’m so amazed by their effective bilingualism.  

***Spoiler alert!***

At the end of the day, after all the effort, it was the Magician (Francis Ng) who save the day with some little magic, and rescue them out.  If he was that invincible, in the first place why don’t he join the duo to rescue the princess? And the last battle at the forest. How did Jack and Arun ended up there? 

***Spoiler alert ends!***

The show is not entirely bad if you can ignore the flow and the illogical parts. There are some humour and light-hearted moments in the show that can keep you seated for the 1 hour+ movie. The ending is weird but refreshing. Perhaps sometimes there is no need to be so serious when watching a movie…. 

Warrior’s rating: 5.5/10

The Warriors Gate 勇士 之门 opens in the Cinema on 8 Dec 2016

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