Gudetama Cafe Singapore | Suntec City | Opened on 30 Nov 2016

Hi peeps! 🙂

How was your TGIF! My Friend and I had a really adorable one at the highly raved Gudetama Cafe! 😀 #nua #cutesyoverload

Visited on Friday, 2 Dec 2016, 5:30pm started queuing, 7pm entered cafe. Total queue time: 1.5hours.

We ordered a total of 3 dishes-1main, 2 desserts. All were so adorably cute and yumz! 😋

Summary of what we ordered 🙂

Ta-Ma-Go $17.90 (excl gst & service charge)

In case you might be thinking this is the usual tamago sushi we see at Japanese restaurant, you will be surprised! It is actually a dessert! The yellow layer on top is a sponge cake and the off-white layer below is the cheesecake, coated with crunchy puffed rice. The cakes were served with a spoonful of “wasabi” which is matcha chocolatey cream and maple syrup! 😛 A sinful yet satisfying dish!

Warriors Rating: 3.7/5.0

Shoyu Ramen $21.50 (excl gst and service charge)

This is another dessert that mimics a main dish, ramen! There is a layer of earl grey jelly on top of the dessert, followed by a layer of off-white chestnut mont blanc, crunchy cookie crust, chocolate cake, and finally, at the bottom, a layer of rich chocolate mousse. 😀 I would say the dish is really innovative and we can see that the chefs and designer, littlemissbento, has put in great effort to come up with these amazingly good dishes! This dish also comes with a small bowl of “tofu” which is actually panna cotta! I believe the pot of liquid served at the side is meant to be supplemented with the panna cotta. ^_^ This is another dish that wow-ed us and we enjoyed it throughly!

Just in case you are wondering, the white gudetama on top, which mimics the egg in a ramen, is in fact, white chocolate! and the green bits on top that symbolise veggies, are matcha pocky! 😛 I am not quite sure what the honeycomb-like dessert is, but it is crunchy and sticky to your teeth.. not that fond of this add-on but it gives the whole dish a boost in photogenic level hahaha.

Warriors Rating: 4.0/5.0

“I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict $26.90 (excl gst and service charge)

Their mains are much common than their innovative desserts. But, this dish is really good as well. The eggs were well-executed. This dish comes with mushrooms, greens, and cute little hash browns! The cute gudetama eggs were surrounded by smoked salmon and generous sauce topped with ebiko~

Warriors Rating: 3.5/5.0

Overall, it is definitely worth a try to visit the cafe at least once, maybe on a special occasion? 🙂 The desserts are the ones that won me over! 😀 I can feel the thoughts and effort that were put in into scooping up these delights for us, customers!

Oh yes, another thing worth mention is the high-level of customer service! When we asked some staff to help us take some photos, they were all very willing and agreed without hesitation although there were so many customers waiting outside, they showed no sign of tiredness and still put on their greatest smiles. 😀

The waiter will bring you to either side of the cafe. We were brought to the right side (the more unpopular side. i guess cos the interior deco is less extensive.), but we just want to get our tummies filled at that moment haha. Although there are 112 seats, the movement of the queue is quite slow. I think it was because some ordered mains first and asked for dessert. We were told that if you call upon your dessert after you finish your mains, you will need another 30min for the desserts to be prepared and served. So, we requested for them to serve the desserts now. To our surprise, the desserts came right away, even before our main.. I am not sure if this is a business tactic? Perhaps the waiter told us that it will take 30min to prepare the desserts, to lead us to say “serve now” and this way, you wouldn’t occupy the seats for too long? HA. Just my guess. But, other than this, everything else is up-to-standard or even above my expectations.

Initially, I did not have good impression on character cafe. Knowing that the main point of the dishes is to be as kawaii as possible, I did not have much expectation on the quality of food. I came here just to take photos after photos. To my surprise, the food is not only kawaii, they were really delicious as well. 🙂 Although the price definitely burnt a large hole in my pocket haha.

Expected damage: around $40 per pax after gst and service charge. If you just order mains, probably $30 per pax.

Gudetama Café Singapore
Suntec City Mall #01-361 (West Wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 10pm (Fri – Sun) Last Order 9:30pm

Note: On the day we visited, the queue was stopped at 7pm.

With Love,

After 5 warriors


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