Tsuta Ramen | Pacific Plaza at Orchard |One star michelin restaurant 

Tsuta Ramen, the only ramen restaurant in the world that earned the accolade of a Michelin star, is opened in Singapore! 

And 3weeks plus after its grand opening, we finally got our hands on the highly raved Tsuta Ramen! 😋🍜

Visited on 30 November, 1:45pm. Managed to enter the restaurant at around 2:50pm. Total queue time: 1hour 5min.

Entrance of the restaurant
All prices are nett! ☺️

The ramen prices range from $15 to $22.80, depending on the no. of slices of char siu and whether you want the egg or not. 🙂
When you are brought into the restaurant by the staff, you will be first brought to a kiosk where you can select the dishes you would like to order and you could make payment by the various methods-pay wave,nets and even cash! This reminds me of the restaurants in Japan, where kiosks are used to order and make payment~ Don’t be afraid if this is your first time experiencing this automation at a restaurant. A friendly staff will be there to guide and assist. 🤗 I’m really surprised at the quality of customer service at Tsuta Ramen. The staff are really well-trained! Overall, I’m satisfied with the high level of customer service! 👍🏻 

Although there are only 18-seats in the restaurant, there were quite many staff serving the customers. 

Ajitama Shoyu Soba $16.80 nett (with 1 egg and 1 slice of Char Siu)
The dish comes with pork slice, seasoned egg, bamboo shoot, leeks and truffle puree. The shoyu ramen is made with a soya sauce blend and a dashi stock that is made with chicken, vegetables, clams and other seafood, before being topped with black truffle sauce. 

Verdict: The noodles were pretty Q and toothsome and the char siu was tender. The char siu is of quite a decent size. But if you’re a meat-lover, you should consider ordering the 4-piece one instead. 🙂 If you’re a small eater or if you’ve already eaten something heavy before the meal, go ahead and try the 1-piece one. The 1-piece ramen bowl was pretty alright for me as I’ve had a heavy breakfast. Even though the broth was flavourful, it was a tad salty for my liking. The onsen egg is flowy, satisfying my craving for a well-cooked egg~ 

Warriors Rating: 3.5/5

Ajitama Shio Soba $16.80 nett (with 1 egg and 1 slice of char siu)

The dish also comes with the same ingredients, and the only thing that differs is the soup base. The Shio Soba is made with seafood and chicken stock that is mixed with Okinawa sea salt and Mongolian rock salt, and served with green olives in truffle oil.

Verdict: The seasoned egg is good and all else pretty similar to the Shoyu Soba, except the lighter broth. If you’d prefer a lighter soup base, go for Shio. 🙂 it’s still pretty flavourful but not as heavy as Shoyu. I would say both Soup bases are pretty salty and might not suit the tastes of the local, nonetheless, it’s worth the try. Perhaps you could wait for the hype to go down before heading down to queue.

Warriors Rating: 3.2/5
Tsuta Ramen

Address: 01-01, Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road.

Opening hours: 11am to 6pm (till Friday) and 11am to 10pm (Weekends).

With Love, 



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