Tai Cheong Bakery Cha Chan Teng | Holland Village | Opened on Nov 2016 

After 2 days when it opened, one of my friend told me ,” Hey! Let’s go for this new restaurant! ” since she likes Hong Hong food a lot, she was pretty excited of this shop opening. 

So the visit to this restaurant was a surprise trip on 19 Nov 2016, Saturday evening. We were there at 620pm and was on the waiting list for dine in and told to wait for 1 hrs and 20 minutes, by leaving our contact. 

Right outside the store was a stretch of queue for pastries takeaway. Which took us 30 mins to queue for their signature egg tarts of maximum 4 boxs with 4 pieces per box, selling at $1.90 per piece.

They also sells their Coconut tarts (dotted with red cherry) at $2.50 each.

Left: Coconut Tarts (red on the centre). Right: Tai Cheong Signature egg tarts.
Above: The single row of queue waiting for pastries takeaway 😋

It is definitely similar to the few Hong Kong themed restaurants like “Honolulu cafe” and  “Central 中环”, serving Hong Kong main dishes, beverages and sides.
2 main dishes we have ordered: 

Above: ” Three eggs Macaroni w. Luncheon meat” comes with a tomato soup base and 3 whole sunny side up eggs sticked together.
This above is the 3 Colour eggs with rice. A well cooked omelette with Char Siew meat and prawns topped on white rice with brown sauce.
Above: The Menu

The dishes were pretty affordable and the main dishes gave us a warm feeling similar to our mothers’ home cooked food. We spent $22.40 for 2 main dishes.

The egg tart tasted as good as the one at Orchard with a nicer paper packaging of light green colour similar to its brand logo.

If you like Hong Kong cafe styled food, it would be a good cafe to dine.

Warriors rating (egg tart): 4.0 / 5.0

Warrior rating (main dishes): 3.0 / 5.0


31 Lorong Liput  (Near Holland Village) 

Singapore 277742

Operating hours:

830am to 1100pm  Sunday to Thursday 

830am to 1am Friday to Saturday 


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