Tuk Tuk Cha | Junction 8 | Quality Thai Street food at affordable prices

“Tuk Tuk” refers to the automated trishaw which many who have travelled to Thailand would have seen or ride on it.

“Tuk Tuk Cha” is a chain stall opened by the owner of Thai Boat House Noodles at Bedok Point, had its first branch at Suntec City in May 2015 while today we are reviewing on the Junction 8 branch just opened on June 2016. It is already famous with locals spreading word-of-mouth for it given it’s affordable price range for restaurant food standard for a non-service charge self-collection of food eatery.

This chain serves Thailand food street food and snacks such as Beef Boat Noodles, Tom Yum Seafood Boat Noodles , Shibuya Toasts with various ice-cream Flavours, flavoured waffles and other authentic yet fusion Thai beverages.

We have tried 5 dishes, namely 3 savoury ones and 2 sweet dishes, visited on 9th November 2016.

1) Tom Yum Seafod Boat Noodles ($1.90)

2) Beef Boat Noodles ($1.90)

3) Chicken Boat Noodles ($1.90)

4) Toast bites with condensed milk and Milo 

5) Coconut Shibuya toast ($11.50)

Tom Yum Seafood Boat Noodles prawns comes with prawn, fish slice, mushroom dunk in their aromatic tom yam broth of strong lemongrass smell.

Their Beef Boat Noodles with flavourful beef broth and beef slices.

While Chicken Boat Noodle comes with shredded chicken pieces in chicken broth.

All 3 Noodles dishes have this chewy noodles which are unlike most Thai food in Singapore and this is a bonus.

These bowls of noodles are the smallest size that the eatery serves, which each can only fill my stomach to one-third portion for food sampling , so do get their regular portion for a filling main course, costing about $6.90.

Not sure why, Toast Bites with condensed milk and Milo just do feel good to my tastebuds as they are served hot when bread 🍞 has just been toasted and top drizzled with sweeten condensed milk and Milo powder. This is just too sinful for a sweet tooth as compared to the Coconut Shibuya Toast that gives an instant cooling sensation.

The Coconut Shibuya Toast, which is worth recommending, may look super sweet from the appearance, but in fact, it is less sweet than how it looks! The ice cream tasted like a real coconut and isn’t too sweet to our palate, in combination with 🌴coconut flesh and thick toast, it is definitely a soothing 🍨dessert for a hot day. 
It has gained its popularity with its likeable dishes and affordable prices. Their staff give off a Thai feeling that makes you think that you are right at Thailand, and so does the interior design; having tuk tuk trishaw ornament at the front face of the dine-in area.

The ambience of this shop reminds you of hopping cafe along the streets of Bangkok and so does the food it serves! Just that their music isn’t in Thai haha!

Warriors Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 

We strongly recommend the Tom Yum Boat Noodles, Beef Boat Noodles and Coconut Shibuya Toast.

9 Bishan Place

#02-20A/21 Junction 8

Singapore 579837

With Love,

After 5 warriors


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