Banana Tree Cafe |Outram Park 

Hi Readers,

How is your weekend so far? Our TGIF have been great! Our warriors gathered and celebrated the 1111 PEPERO Day together at the Banana Tree Cafe! 🙂

Banana Tree Cafe is a renowned cafe from South Korea and it has been in Singapore for quite some time. It is famous for serving adorable desserts in flower pots. 🌹🌷🌻 Definitely a great cafe to chill at for nature/flower lovers. ❤

Choco-holic Bingsu $14.50 (excl GST)

This Chocolatey icy dessert is definitely a must-get for chocolate lovers! 😛 The dessert is served in a measuring cup, giving it a fun and homely touch. The whole measuring cup is filled with chocolate icy bing su, topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a slice of chocolate cake, whipped cream and 2 pepero almond chocolate sticks. The slice of chocolate cake is sticky and giving a brownie-like texture. The chocolate ice cream is similar or taste exactly like swensen’s sticky chewy chocolate flavour. This bingsu satisfied our craving for both cake and ice cream!

Warriors Rating: 3.5/5

Banana and Matcha Flower Pot Pudding $6.50 per pot (excl GST)

Within these adorable flower pots, lie the delicious pudding topped with ‘soil’ made of our favourite oreo biscuits with 2 M&M chocolate pebbles. There are 5 different flavours of pudding, namely the signature Banana, Strawberry, Espresso, Matcha, and Double Chocolate. The waiter, knowing that we are a group of 4, is attentive enough to serve us the adorable dessert with 4 spade-like spoons. 😀

Close up view of the Matcha Flower Pot Pudding~

Close up view of the Banana Flower Pot Pudding~

We think that the matcha green tea taste of the pudding was pretty mild. As matcha is bitter in nature, and yet, this dessert did not have much of the green tea’s natural bitter aroma. Overall, it was sweet and pretty dense, with bits of almond crunch within.

As compared to the matcha-flavoured one, our team preferred the banana-flavoured pudding as the taste of banana was stronger, probably because it contains real banana slices. This pudding tasted like creamy mousse with the banana puree / green tea powder, and not the usual semisolid pudding that we know of. Looking at how cute and instagram-worthy it is, don’t hesitate to give it a try. 🙂

Warriors Rating: 4.0/5.0

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Part 2 of Menu


Visited on 11 November 2016.

Address: 26 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089133 (Nearest MRT: Outram Park)

With Love,

After 5 Warriors


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