Movie Review: Fallen

Picture credits to movie production company 🙂

Hi everyone,

Thanks to InCinemasSG, my friend and I managed to catch the premiere of Fallen today. 

Basically, the plot goes like this…

Lucinda Price, the female protagonist can see “shadows”, and she has owned this ability for as long as she remembers. Whenever the “shadows” appears, something bad is bound to happen to people around her and things beside her would suddenly erupt in flame. Her latest incident with the “shadows” has caused the death of a boy and she becomes the prime suspect of the murder. Because of this hallucination/”special ability” that she seemed to have, she is deemed to be having mental health issues, thus, she is sent to a reform school, where she meets two mysterious boys: Daniel, an angry student who wants nothing to do with her, and Cameron, an outgoing guy who is attracted to Lucinda. Though Lucinda is attracted to both guys, she is more drawn towards Daniel. Sometimes, Lucinda could see images of herself with the Daniel and recall images of places that she has never been before. People around her have always said that she was hallucinating. 


My view on this movie:

Okay, I’ve to say this story seemed to be like a poor hybrid of X-Men and Twilight, in an Angel kind of concept. Similar to X-Men in the way that unique students, with “special needs/abilities” are brought together in a school, to learn and improve their conditions. Similar to Twilight in the sense that the guy is an immortal. 

I have to agree that the graphics and effects are pretty natural, smooth and decent. Loved the graphics of the Angel wings! 😇 But I was utterly disappointed at how the story was build up and the abrupt ending. There was no proper closure for some (or perhaps, most) of the characters that appeared in the beginning. I’m wondering could there possibly be a sequel (Fallen 2, maybe) to ensure proper closure.. 😥 

Warriors Rating: 2/5

Nights everybody! 🌙⭐️

With Love,

After 5 warriors


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