Clifford Pier’s Afternoon Tea Buffet | Good high tea for Tourists

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon!

Visited on 5th Nov 2016, Saturday

Went for a date meet up with a friend for an advanced birthday celebration through enjoying the “tai-tai” (rich man’s wife in Singapore style English terms) style afternoon tea or high tea.

Main entrance to “Clifford Pier”
Overall view of the dining area 
Reception and overall view of the restaurant.
Interior of former Clifford Pier in year 2005 before transformation.
History of former Clifford Pier:

The name “Clifford Pier”(also known as Red Lamp Pier in older days) comes with a history, it is the exact architecture of the former pier built in 1933 which immigrants and other sea passengers landed during the older days until 2006.

Review of this place:

Fullerton Bay hotel has beautifully transformed “Clifford Pier” into their hotel premise mainly with their restaurant serving lunch, dim sum brunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

This “Heritage Afternoon Tea” serves savouries and sweets related to Singapore local delights such as Mantou (fried chinese plain bun) with chill crab sauce, Kurobuta (better quality black pork) with braised sauce, Rojak (mixed fruits and vegetables in shrimp paste sauce), Bandung Macarons and Tropical fruit scone. The savoury dishes are placed on the buffet trays for self-service, while the sweets are served to the table with tiered high tea trays.


Drinks are free flow as well with variety selection of exotic flavours for tea lovers mostly in both hot and iced versions.

Menu for Afternoon tea:

The less commonly found dishes to try would be “Chili Bak Kwa Jam on savory egg tart” and “Cruffin with Masala Potato and Curry leaves “. Personally,  I prefer the sweets instead which “Honey and Mango Financier”, “Soft-centered coconut chocolate cake” and “Tropical Fruit Scone” are those worth trying. While they have this extensive spreads for scones, the mango and passion fruit spread  for the plain scones which complements each other well.

Chili Bak Kwa Egg Tarts
Cruffin: Croissant alike pastry with curry and potatoes

Yam Pear :  A pleasant fried snack not found in printed menu
Rojak: local mixed fruits and vegetables including Guava, Turnip, Starfruit, Apple, Cucumber and pineapple
Smoked Chicken Salad, Baby Octopus Salad and Glass Noodles Salad
Bandung (Rose syrup drink) and Soya Milk Beverages to compliment with sago and Grass Jelly.
During our visit, there was piano performance accompanied with singing,  which lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

Warriors Rating: 3.5/5.0  fork-and-knife-with-plate-150x150fork-and-knife-with-plate-150x150fork-and-knife-with-plate-150x150fork-and-knife-with-plate-150x150-half

The price of this high tea buffet definitely cost a bomb, it would be a delightful experience to de-stress and immerse in the soothing ambiance to eat a late lunch with your favorite person or a bunch of buddies. The service level provided by the staffs are exceptionally well in being responsive to changing individual’s plate and always putting a smile or welcoming tone in speech.

I recommend it to tourists visiting Singapore as it displays some of the most iconic taste of Singapore which might be too familiar for the its residents.

Price: SGD 45++

Clifford Pier’s Afternoon Tea Buffet| The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Address & Operating hours:
80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326
Monday to Friday: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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