Noodle bar by Tokyo Latte | JCube 

It’s TGIF dinner for me with my friends at Noodle bar by Tokyo Latte.  One of the new food tenants in JCube worth trying for those living in the west!

Noodle bar by Tokyo Latte is a restaurant offering fusion of Japanese and western cuisines! Customers get to choose the type of Japanese noodles and choice of soup base they prefer. Just to name a few examples of the options of Japanese noodles – Cha soba or Ramen; and some choices of soup base – Roasted tomato basil with seafood or Bacon aglio olio.

The restaurant is located at JCube level 2 on the left hand side if you take the escalator up from the front entrance.

The restaurant is good for large groups and also single diners at the bar table. We were lucky enough to get the last table seats as the remaining ones are bar seats.

Okay, time for their menu!

The prices are inclusive of gst and service charge. Noodle bar by Tokyo Latte is definitely suitable for students or adults who are tightening their belts!

My friend and I both ordered Cha soba and roasted tomato basil with seafood.

Nothing special about the noodle. However the soup base was commendable. Anyone who likes tomato soup will love it! The sour and sweetness of tomato matches well with the seafood and Cha soba. The quantity is just nice for a female but might be small for guys with big appetite. Their menu also offer add on eg roast chicken or salmon fillet etc if you find the portion small.

Warriors rating: 4/5

My Friend ordered one of their drinks – Green island lemonade

The drink was sour (from the lemonade) and a tinge of sweet and refreshing taste from the lychee fruit in the drink. Personally I’m a fan of lychee so any drink with lychee is niceee!!

Warriors rating: 4/5

Go have a try when you happen to be at Jurong East!

With Love,

After 5 warriors


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