Kinder Bueno’s new product: Schoko-Bons Crispy

We happen to walk past JCube this Saturday afternoon, and we chance upon the temporary Kinder Bueno booth, promoting their new product, Schoko-Bons Crispy.

The promoters were wearing Kinder Bueno aprons, distributing these sweet treats to passers-by. 😊 How sweet~

Kinder Bueno is one of favourite chocolates! I used to eat a bar everyday. 😋 As everyone knows, Kinder Bueno is a Hazelnut cream filled wafer, covered with milky chocolate.

This new product, Kinder Bueno Schoko-Bons Crispy, is quite similar to their main line of product, i.e. the chocolate wafer stick. The plus point of this is that it is bite-sized and easy to eat anytime, anywhere! The wafer biscuit oval-shaped ball is coated with milky chocolate and crunchy & crispy cocoa sprinkles, filled with milky and cocoa cream filling. And yes, this treat is definitely tasty! It splatters in the mouth, with the creamy chocolate goodness oozing out of the crispy outer layer. Note that there are two different types of filling inside this treat! One white (milk) and one brown (cocoa).

Warriors Rating: 3.5/5

The ingredients list is FYI 🙂

Ingredients: sugar, edible vegetable oils, milk chocolate (18%), (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: lecithin (soy) – INS 322), skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, low fat cocoa powder, wheat starch, whey proteins, emulsifier (lecithin (soy) – INS 322), raising agents (INS 503ii, 500ii), powdered malt extract, salt.

Total milk constituents: 16.5%;

Total cocoa solids 10%.

With Love, 

After 5 Warriors


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