Soul Mate 《七月与安生》 review


Special thanks to Toggle for the tickets that I have won to the gala movie premiere of Soul Mate 《七月与安生》. Director Derek Tsang (do you know he is actually Hong Kong Veteran Eric Tsang’s son?) made a short appearance at the cinema for promotions too. So here I’m to bring to you the second review of the week, after the review on Trolls.

A chinese review will follow after this but do note that it is not a direct translation.  🙂



Soul Mate is adapted from a novel by Annie Baby. Two girls met at the age of 13 and became the best of friends. Qiyue is the obedient perfect girl while Ansheng is the cheeky and rebellious one. Their life starts to take a drastic turn when they grew up and fell in love with the same guy-Su Jiamimg. They went on separate path and met again a few years later……

Sounds like an ordinary romance triangle story but the movie tells much more than this.  I like how the emotions depicted are so intense and raw that it doesn’t take much screen time to let the story flows. Chinese actress Zhang Donyu is simply good in her role. She has portrayed Ansheng in a convincing and natural way.

The focus is a lot on the friendship between the two girls (nope here is no homosexuality in the film). If you are looking for sweet and romantic moments, sorry to say there isn’t much. However, there are a couple of best-friend-forever moments, and many heart-breaking scenes.

A notable point is that this movie is nominated for 7 awards at the Golden Horse Awards 2016! It is definitely a movie not to be missed! Ok, moving on to my Chinese review.


这是一部友谊复杂过爱情 ,改编自作家庆山(安妮宝贝)同名小说的一部电影。由曾国祥执导,陈可辛监制,故事述说两位女生在13岁相遇而成为闺蜜,但一切在她们长大后遇到苏家明后而改变。七月和安生,一静一动,一乖巧一叛逆。她们在生命的交差点交换了人生,却也似乎交换了命运。

细腻与赤裸的情感,写实的人物性性格。我喜欢故事像叠叠乐 (jenga)一样,整整齐齐地把积木摆上去,然后再慢慢把积木抽出。一切就在一瞬间被弄垮。裂缝不是一朝一夕,而是岁月累积而成。明信片上的每一句“问候家明”都在其实已开始破裂的友谊上撒盐。

周东雨和马思纯都入围金马奖2016最佳女主角 (顺便提这部片子一共入围了七大奖项!)。两人把闺蜜之间微妙的关系和爱恨情仇表现得淋漓尽致。如果要在两者之间投票,我会选择周冬雨。她把安生从内心细腻的情感到豪放的外在表现得自然而且深厚。她把角色诠释得放肆到让人心疼。她彻底也真实地表现出对七月闺蜜般的爱,浓而不腻。

大力推荐一部以成长为背景,情感为主线的一部电影。近年流行关于成长的青春片,而这部的特点之一 是它的呈现手法从一本小说出发,让观众徘徊在真虚之间。


Warriors rating: 4.5/5

Soul Mate 《七月与安生》 opens in Singapore theatre on 10 Nov 2016




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