Trolls review: A movie that can make you happy~ :)

Hello everyone! I’m finally making my debut appearance on this blog! 🙂


One of our warriors has won 2 pairs of tickets to the premiere screening of Trolls. Special thanks to 20th Century Fox facebook page. So yesterday, all the 4 warriors ventured to Vivocity Golden Village to catch the premiere screening in 3D.


This Dreamworks musical animation is about the adorable Trolls (the little good guys who sing and dance and feel happy all day) vs the ugly Bergens (the giant bad guys who feel unhappy all day unless they eat a Trolls…oh man…how depressing!) So one day a Bergen captures the friends of the Princess Poppy, and she sets  off to rescue them from the claws (or jaws) of the Bergens, and so the adventure starts…

A simple storyline filled with fun and laughter and some little twists to the plot. I like the positiveness of the movie. The theme of the movie is simply happiness! 🙂 The vibrant and lively Trolls, music and dance that will make you move to the beats, the optimism of Poppy, the hugging session of the Trolls, and…



…how the two Bergens of impossible social status fell in love in a funny and cute manner, and the friendship formed between a Burgen and the trolls.



However, the songs though entertaining and upbeat, are majority not let-it-go-kind-catchy enough. Recommended tracks will be True Colours (Yes, Cyndi Lauper’s, but this time by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick), Can’t stop the feeling and Hello. A point to note is that Justin Timberlake is the Executive Music Producer of the movie.

At times, the story is narrated in a childish setting through the unfolding of scrapbook. It sounds like a story-telling session for kids, at least to me.

And so, this movie is highly suitable for kids, but it’s an enjoyable movie for adult as well. It brings out two clear messages for everyone, whether young or old:

“Happiness is inside of us, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.”

“True colours are beautiful.”


Picture credit: DreamWorks Trolls twitter


Warriors rating: 4/5

Trolls opens in Singapore’s theatre on 3 Nov 2016.


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