Review on Japanese Omiyage (Snacks ❤️)

Konnichiwa minna-san ❤

Two of our warriors have just come back from her wanderlust trip to one of the most polite countries in the world, Japan! And, she has brought some Japanese omiyage and we will be doing reviews on them. [Fyi, omiyage is a term that describes bringing back souvenirs for friends or family after travelling~ ;)]

1.Malebranche’s Cha no Ka 茶の菓 – From Kyoto

The one we bought is in a packaging of 10pieces and it costs 税込¥1,360 (around S$18.38).

Verdict: It was really costly, considering that each piece is priced at almost S$2. However, the rich bitter taste of green tea on the crispy langue de chat, is a heavenly match with the sweetness overload white chocolate filling. It is definitely worth a try for all matcha fans! ❤ 😀

Check out their website –

2. Tsujiri’s Nama-Yatsuhashi 辻利 生八ッ橋 – From Kyoto


The one we bought comes with 8 pieces, and a small pack of green tea powder for you to sprinkle above. The box of 8 is priced at ¥540 (around S$7.30).

Verdict: The yatsuhashi has a green tea flavoured exterior, pre-sprinkled with some peanut powder, and a red bean paste filling. The sticky mochi-like exterior’s green tea taste was not as rich as the green tea powder. The bitter green tea powder smoothens out the sweetness of the red bean paste. Overall, the snack was pleasant.

Check out here for more info –

3. 神戶 Cafe Style CREAM CHEESE CAKE – from Kansai International Airport

Verdict: Tastes like cheesecake. haha. Yes, it is a cheesecake, and being a cheesecake lover, I have not tasted one that is bad as yet. haha. But, I would say this cheesecake is not too thick, not too creamy, and yet still has quite flavourful cheese taste! So, you won’t get sick of this easily. The downside is that the biscuit base was not as crunchy, thus it was mushy and was not really distinct from the cheesecake layer. Thus, its main purpose of giving the crunchy touch to the soft cake layer, was not fully met.

We can’t remember the exact price of this, but we grabbed it before our flight back home! So, if you have some small notes remaining, no harm giving this a try!

4. Itohkyuemon’s Uji Matcha Monaka 宇治抹茶もなか – From Kyoto

6 pieces in a box. ¥ 1,360 (around S$18.38)

Verdict: A unique mix of red bean paste, matcha glutinous rice, wrapped within the waffle biscuit. When I had my first bite, it tasted so heavenly. The sweet red bean paste, with my favourite sticky glutinous rice ball mochi-like mixture, surrounded by the slight crispy waffle biscuit. Although the price per piece was pretty high (~S$3) and it would have been better if the red bean paste was less sweet, I couldn’t help but to crave for more. What more should I say? Must get it when you go Japan! ❤

Check out their website for more information on their products –

5. Itohkyuemon’s Uji Matcha Rice Cracker (Senbei) [伊藤久右衛門] 宇治抹茶せんべい ~うす葉みどり~ 24枚入

12 packs in a box. Each pack 2 pieces of Senbei aka Rice Crackers ~ Price: ¥882 (around S$11.92)

Verdict: The rice cracker is crispy! Love the thick matcha green tea taste of the rice cracker! ❤ A good snack for tea break. 🙂

6. Gudetama Butter Cookies – From Kyoto


This adorable cookies can be found at various small souvenir shops lying almost everywhere in Kansai. We bought this at ¥600 and found out later that alot of other small souvenir shops are selling at ¥540. There are 12 cookies, individually packed in a gift box.

Verdict: This butter cookie is fragant and well-baked. As each and every of them has unique prints on them, it is good as gifts for loved ones and friends.

7. Hyogetsudo’s Osaka Petite Banana(大阪プチバナナ[瓢月堂])- From Osaka / Kansai International Airport

A box comes with 6 individually wrapped banana cakes.¥648 including tax.

Verdict: I am really impressed at how thoughtful Japanese are. From their packaging to the design of the product, you can see how they always put themselves into the shoes of a consumer. As you can see from the top right picture, my thumb pushed up the cake from the bottom of the container so as to ease the process of eating. 🙂 This was made possible all thanks to the innovative Japanese who made slits at the bottom, enabling the bottom plastic to be able to move.

This snack is made of 2 layers of sponge cake, filled with banana cream filling in between. As for the taste of the product, I would say the banana taste is too strong for my liking (just my personal preference).  The Tokyo banana is slightly creamier and the banana taste was less strong.

Check out their website for more information on their products –

8. Tokyo Banana (Caramel Custard) – From Kansai International Airport

There are a few types of packaging :

■ Value pack
4 pieces \515 (include tax)
■ Gift box
8 pieces \1,080 (include tax)
12 pieces \1,595 (include tax)

We bought the one in a box of 8. 🙂

Verdict: Smooth caramel custard flavored banana cream is wrapped in light and fluffy sponge cake with a giraffe design. As compared to the Osaka banana, I personally prefer the creamier Tokyo banana. 🙂 The banana filling inside this banana-shaped sponge cake is much more than the thin layer inside Osaka banana. Perhaps that’s why it was more fulfilling for me. 😛 However, for banana lovers, perhaps Osaka banana would be a snack worth a try as its banana flavour is stronger than that of the Tokyo banana. 🙂

Check out their website for more information on their products –

9. Snoopy Pancakes – From Universal Studios of Japan, Osaka

This pack comes with 6 individually packed pancakes.

Verdict: – to be updated-

10. Snoopy Chocolate Cookies – From Universal Studios of Japan, Osaka

Right side of picture – Snoopy Chocolate Cookies

Verdict: – to be updated –

~Future updates~

Summary of omiyage we bought! 😀 ❤ We will update the reviews of others soon~ Keep a look out!


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