Hoshino Coffee | Plaza Singapura

My friends and I were finding a place to lunch at Dhoby Ghaut and we spot this unique restaurant that sells similar food as Miam Miam and decided to give it a try! ☺️

Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé with Porcini Risotto $16.80 (excl GST and service charge)

Warriors Rating: 7/10

The fuwa fuwa thing on top of the rissoto is pretty interesting~ It tasted some sort like Marshmallow / Meringue ☁️~ But I would say I would prefer more of the traditional baked cheese with rice than this dessert-like fuwa fuwa on my staple rice. Guess it boils down to personal preference. But I would say it’s worth a try! And you can decide if you like this unique combination~ 😄

The ingredients inside were minimal.. Only some porcini mushroom and meat. And I’m quite disappointed with the creaminess of the risotto. As a fan of risotto, I preferred a thick creamy version than a dry one. And this was the disappointing part. But I guess this also helped by making the meal less sinful and you won’t get sick of it so easily (As you know, if something gets too creamy, one will get sick of it easily). So, this might be a saving grace aferall…

Find the menu of Hoshino Coffee here! 🙂


With Love,



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