Product review:  fresh SUGAR LIP POLISH

Today we are gona start our first post on product reviews, in particular a lip care 💋product which received quite a lot of hype.😽 

Personally, I rarely seen lip polish products in the market, the more common ones would be body scrubs, facial scrubs and foot scrubs. As we all love ❤️ to look glamorous from TOP-to-toe and we sometimes neglect giving care for our lips as it plays a part in giving others a good impression of ourselves and kissable haha 😂.  

When it comes to lip care, people usually thought of getting a lip balm with moisture properties and sometimes coloured to compete with the lipstick market. So this might be a new trend for the lip care industry, an alternative of lip balm.

I only heard from a friend that it treats dry cracked and flappy lips and wanted to try on it while visiting Sephora another lady was recommending it to her friend as well. 

Some background of this brand “fresh“:

This is an American brand found in Boston in year 1991 currently specialising in skincare, body and cosmetics products using natural ingredients as their main ingredients. 

Main ingredients in this lip polish:

It comes with brown sugar crystals that locks in moisture while buffing away dry flakes, shea butter and jojoba oil that nourishes the lips.

Above: fresh LIP POLISH 

Above: texture and look of the lip polish

Opening the lid we see this scrub alike polish, which has finer bits then tough body scrubs and has a pleasant coke soda smell. 😋However, it is not edible 😳.

Above: directions of usage 

So instead of applying it on our lips everyday, we actually can apply 2-3 times per week after we clean our lips. Just apply a small amount (size of a 10 cent coin with 3mm diameter) shared by the 2 lips, gently massage for a minute and wipe off with a damp washcloth.

Results right after washing off: softer and sweet scented lips 

Effects reflected next day: dry parts of lips has healed and are sealed into smooth surface!

Our verdict: Recommended👍🏻

This lip polish might be pretty costly and belong to the mid end market, with its unique selling points such as the healing effects and nice scented, we recommend it to those who like to get a quick heal within a night your cracked lips can turn velvety glossy naturally even without lip balm or lipstick on.

fresh LIP POLISH is selling at Sephora Singapore stores for SGD 38.


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