Tokyo Sundubu 东京纯豆腐 | Suntec City | A stew restaurant with soup base to choose

Hi Readers!
Sundubu some say Soondubu Chige is a common home cooked dish in Korea. This means smooth tofu stew aka 嫩豆腐汤. Usually it’s pretty hard to find one which is tasty and authentic in Singapore.

As our team are located in Singapore, we roam around this island very frequently haha.

Today we are highly recommending this dish which is the specialty from this restaurant located at Suntec City Shopping mall, though it also has outlets at Raffles City and Marine Square. Probably their first branch in Singapore which it have more than 60 branches in Japan.

Now what’s so special about this Sundubu is the heavenly flavoured broth which comes with either the salt and ginger flavour, Japanese miso flavour or non-spicy flavour which you can hardly find at other restaurants.The tofu is just so tender and well blended in the soup 😋.


above: (video) The soup is boiling like nobody’s business haha 

We ordered 2 flavours namely “salt and ginger” broth with Chicken vegetables with collagen and “japanese miso” flavour with Chicken cheese and 🌶 spicy level 1 and 2 respectively (level of spiciness rises with the number from 1 being mild till 4 being extremely spicy).

Above: See the circular white thing? It’s the fish collagen for this chicken and vegetables beauty stew. The 2 items are called namuru  for second part of eating .🌸

Above: Chicken cheese stew , with spicy level 2 

They introduced a special way to eat which is to mix the ingredients in the Sundubu well when it comes then eat together with the rice until half of the rice is left, mix rice with namuru and gochujang (red pepper sauce) and some Sundubu there our “Bibimbap” that is sweet than being spicy!

Above: “Bibimbap” after half of the rice left.

Soondubu set which comes with a smooth tofu stew, pearl rice and namuru.

The smooth tofu include some other ingredients such as chicken , beef , pork, seafood, vegetables or even fish collagen.

If you like soups and stew, it would be delightful to give it a try, 3 of us went for it and verdict from us is “definitely will come to visit again next time!”.

Environment 3.5
(Their business were brisking with limited number of seats and open space concept with 6 other Japanese restaurants neighbouring it. We had to wait for 20mins before we were seated p.s. the tempura restaurant on the left next to it was having a even longer queue)

Food 4.5 (Nothing much to complain,close to perfect, though the pot and bowls they use seems to be food court alike but the taste of their food are exceptionally flavourful and rare to be found elsewhere)

Location 4.0 (Suntec City is just next to Esplanade mrt)

Service 4.0 (They were quite attentive while we were queuing and even initiated to take our orders. When food was served, they greeted us politely that food was here. Upon leaving the premise, they thanked us for patronising)

Overall rating : 4.0/5.0

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-312, Eat at Seven, Suntec City Mall

Operating hours:  Daily 11am-3pm & 5pm-10pm

*This is an unsponsored food recommendation😊*

Please feel free to recommend us any other eateries with good Soondubu! I am already drooling after writing so much about it. 💦

With love,



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