Soulscape at Tanjong Beach | Sentosa

Hi guys! 🙂

How was your weekend? Mine was a really  eventful and fulfilling one! 😀 My Friend and I were really elated that we’ve got the opportunity to attend the Soulscape festival at Sentosa. This event is for the yoga enthusiasts who get to experience the various activities lined up! There were 5 tentages with different activities running concurrently at the same time! 🙂 You can take a look at the activities below~

There is a bag drop area which costs $10 (for each item you drop, I suppose). When I was there at 10am plus, the rack was empty. I would not recommend you to put your belongings there since you can just place them beside your yoga mat, on the sand. ☺️ it would be wise to bring a bag that’s water proof so that you can wash it after the day out at the beach! Also, it would be better if you bring your own mat as well as rental of yoga mat is another $10.

Being amateur yogists, we didn’t dare to try those advance moves that require the collaboration of 2 or more people (which happened mainly at the Warrior pavilion). But it was really an eye opener for us, to see so many yoga enthusiasts performing such high level stunts. 🙂

Being lazy bums, we only get out of our beds at around 7plus am. Thus, we only reached Tanjong Beach at Sentosa around 10plus, considering that Tanjong Beach is really deep within the Sentosa Island, we had to take the monorail to Beach station (which is the last stop) and then take a tram there.

We went for 2 sessions, both at the Soul Fire tentage.

The 1st lesson we attended was conducted by a Japanese lady, Masumi Lacoste. Lower Chakra Work. 🙂 The session was really relaxing, without much tough poses. Ideal for beginners like us. ❤️👍🏻 on a side note, I have to praise this trainer for her beautiful voice. 🙂 she sang a little and asked us to follow her. It sounded like this “oh Narayaraya~” can’t remember the exact phrase but it really soothes my heart~ ☺️

The wind at Tanjong Beach was gentle and it felt really great to be lying on the mat, on the sand, closing your eyes and enjoying the gentle breeze that brushes across your skin. Even though I’ve to admit to have slight OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for cleanliness, it was a great experience to be practising yoga in the nature as you can somehow feel and gain the energy from the Mother Earth. 🍀

After the 1.5hour of yoga session, we had an hour break for lunch. Each of us have $8 credit on our wristband, for us to buy food. We bought acai berry bowl from Selva foods which costs exactly $8. (No loogie 😋)

Tada~ My acai fruit bowl, packed with a lot of healthy ingredients! ❤️ really yummy! Literally a bowl of goodness 😍

The second activity we did was conducted by Mahendra Singh, Flow with the Sultra’s of Patanjali. No idea what that was but we just wanted something chill and not too taxing for our bodies. The other activities conducted at the same time slot sounded challenging (like the geometry backbends) and we knew they were not apt for us, except maybe for the meditation. Following are pictures taken during the second session 🙂 To be honest, I was pretty exhausted after the 1st session thus I stole some rest in the middle of the session and took some photos 😎

The highlight of the event was the sunset yoga but both of us were too tired to stay till then. So we left after the second activity 🙂

Overall, I would say it was quite a fun and interesting experience, especially for us, who are picking up yoga. We definitely hope this activity is going to happen annually and we will train our bodies for that! Soulscape, see you next time! Adieus~

With Love,

After 5 warriors


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