Fish & Co | 1 for 1 promotion!

Me and my friend were thinking of where to settle our dinner tonight and my friend though of the Fish & Co 1 for 1 promotion which has started quite some time ago.

We quickly checked if the promo is still on and Yes! its only going to end on 28th October 2016. So there’s still time drop by their outlets to enjoy this promo~

As always, for promos, there are limited types of dishes to choose from.
For this 1 for 1 Main course promo there are 6 different dishes. Take your pick and enjoy with a buddy!

Anw, my friend and I were attracted to the other promotion poster which salted egg dishes! There is always a craving to salted egg foodies πŸ˜›
And we ended up ordering the Prawns Deluxe to satisfy our tummies πŸ™‚

Prawns Deluxe / $8.95 (without GST)

When the waiter served us, I was disappointed with the portion of salted egg sauce on the prawns. Not shiok at all. As seen from the above, some prawns were not covered with the yellow salted egg sauce. Meh… FYI, there were only 5 prawns. On the up side, the prawns are fresh and bouncy.

Rating: 2.5/5

Peri Peri Catch / $17.95 (without GST) 

Pan fry white fish with sour and spicy chilli sauce, with seafood paella rice and mashed potato. Fish & Co’s pan fried fish is soft and tender as usual, satisfying for a fish lover like me. The sour and spicy red sauce on the fish brought the taste of the fish to a whole new level. Definitely yummy! πŸ˜› The rice was nothing special; not especially fragrant or anything, though its name made it sound really unique. Mash potato is good, topped with what seemed to be like mayonnaise.

Rating: 3.5/5

White Fish with Ebiko / $17.95 (without GST)

Pan fry white fish topped with a layer of cheese and ebiko. For readers wondering what ebiko is, Ebiko is shrimp roe. The word “ebi”, meaning shrimp in Japanese. The eibiko does not have much taste so it’s more of what felt like the many tiny ball shaped textures that went into my mouth. For the dish, same as Peri Peri Catch, we are able to select 2 side dishes from seafood paella rice, coleslaw, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes. I chose seasonal vegetables which did not turn out to be what I had expected. Ta-da, tempura vege! I like tempura but maybe not today so I scraped off the tempura and it was strips of carrot and capsicum.

Rating: 3/5

With Love,
after 5 warriors




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