Do-it-yourself Avocado milkshake

The best Avocado milkshake we have ever tasted in our opinion is the “Avocado king” at Alexandra food village Hawker centre. It has the most creamy and velvety texture which I could not find it elsewhere in Singapore.

Nutritional facts:

Here are some general facts about Avocado. It is well known to be a fruit with beauty properties good for our skin, helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and contains a lot of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, B-Vitamins, potassium and copper.

Making Avocado milkshake :

We tried to make our own DIY (Do-it-yourself) version of Avocado milkshake and it turns out to be not as smooth as theirs. Our verdict is adding in cream based product such as vanilla ice cream or heavy cream to enhance its texture.

If Avocado is ready for making milkshake:

Be sure that the Avocado is riped before starting to make the milkshake. A riped Avocado will turn from green into dark green and eventually into black on its outer appearance.

Also when it is still firm and greenish on the outer appearance, this means the flesh is still hard and tastes bitter. So be sure to observe the outer appearance as dark coloured and slightly soft to press on as a sign of ripe, as only ripe ones will give a fragrant and smoother blend for the milkshake to blend well with milk.

Ingredients we need (1 serving):

1 Avocado

1 1/2 cup Fresh milk

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

3 Teaspoon honey / Gula Melaka

7 ice cubes (optional)

Needed equipments:

Electric blender


Measuring cup

Now here are the steps to start!


  1. Cut the Avocado starting with placing Avocado horizontally flat, put the knife at the centre of the fruit and exert downwards pressure towards the centre core of the fruit where the seed lies. Turn over and cut the other side of same fruit the same way. Then try to use bare hands to separate them into half. Slowly extract the seed until the part where the seed lies become hollow. Slice off the outer skin. 
  2. Prepare the electric blender, pour in one scoop of ice cream ( for creamier texture) , Avocado , milk and 7 ice cubes. Turn on the blender and have the ingredients blend for 1 minute or when the mixture turns smooth enough. 
  3. To sweeten the drink, add on desired amount of honey or guala Melaka. One thing I have noticed is that honey will have difficulties blending evenly during cold temperature. Thus I recommend adding a bit of warm water with honey to make it more soluble as a honey syrup to sweeten this drink!


Hope you enjoyed reading on this easy to read step by step and a possible beverage to try for you and your love ones😋😋


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