Seoul Garden Hotpot | IMM

After our day of shopping at IMM, we decided to have our dinner at Seoul Garden Hotpot.
Seoul Garden Hotpot has 7 outlets all around Singapore and do not get mixed up with Seoul Garden buffet as not all outlets caters to both Hotpot and buffet.

The two of us ordered Ginseng Chicken @ $17.90 & Marinated Beef Hotpot @ $13.90 (before GST& service charge). The price does look friendly for a restaurant.

Ginseng Chicken
Ginseng Chicken tasted bland before the addition of salt provided. Chicken itself was tender but if you are expecting glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken then you will be disappointed. The Ginseng chicken at Seoul Garden Hotpot is pretty simple with the ginseng broth along with chicken leg.

Marinated Beef Hotpot (Miso soup base)
The marinated beef hotpot comes with 2 soup base choice, miso and Kimchi Jjigae. As I cant take spicy food, I chose miso. I find the miso taste quite mild and the beef flavourless. Though the name of the dish is ‘Marinated Beef’, my tastebud tells me otherwise. And I ended up giving the remaining slices of beef to my friend as I could not finish it. I strongly recommend not to order this dish if you are someone like me who likes flavoursome food.

With Love,

After 5 Warriors


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