Yayoiken やよい軒 | 313 Somerset

Being a Japanese food lover, I always find myself choosing Japanese food options over other cuisines. Still remembered when I went to Osaka, Japan last year in June 2015 for my graduation trip, we chance upon Yayoiken near the instant ramen museum and decided to settle our lunch there as my friend mentioned that she has tried Singapore’s Yayoiken before and it was good.

After more than a year, the same gang gathered for a catchup at Somerset 313 and we went to reminisce our good ol’ memories in Japan at Yayoiken outlet at 313 Somerset.

Wafu Hamburg Teishoku / $18 (excl GST & Service charge)


I would say this meal is really satisfying as the hamburg patty was really juicy, tender and thick! But I wouldn’t say the meal is worth the price, considering that there are only 2 meat -the hamburg and fried shrimp- and a bowl of yasai (vegetables) and some potatoes and long beans. Oh yes, and of course a bowl of miso soup. But it tasted quite similar to the one I ate in Osaka, Japan. So, we were pretty satisfied. 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5

As for the dessert, we ordered a yuzu crepe cake. Can’t remember the exact price but the cake was too creamy and the sorbet was too sour for my liking. And the size was really small. The yuzu sorbet by the side was very sour. I would not recommend it unless you love sour stuff. >.<

Yuzu crepe cake with sorbet


Rating: 2/5


With love,

After 5 warriors


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