Compass One Exploration – Pho Street | Eyescream & Friends

Hello everyone! 🙂 This is our very first blog post~ Are you feeling as excited as we do? 😀

Okay, let’s get straight to topic. I am sure you guys are here to know more about our newly renovated mall, Compass One at Seng Kang! 🙂 The mall is really spacious with various ubiquitous stores, like Etude House, Cotton On and The Face Shop etcetera. (Just a side note: to our surprise, there is no Uniqlo nor H&M, where most people love to shop at.)

But, there are of course unique stores as well! And one of them is the one that we will be covering in this post, i.e., Eyescream & friends! 😉

As usual, we would love to have a good & satisfying meal after a whole week of work. This is when we walked pass Pho Street at #01-47. The strong aroma of the broth and street snacks, attracted us and we finally found a place for our empty stomaches, and settled down.

Pho Street

Even though Pho street might not be new to some of you, it was the first time we dined here! Only now then I know that Pho street has presence in various parts of Singapore, and has a total of 8 outlets island wide! Namely, Bedok Mall, Seletar Mall, West Gate, Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Transit, Century Square, Compass One, Paradigm Mall, The Centrepoint. Not sure if the taste is consistent across the different outlets though! If we happen to dine at a different outlet, will update you guys. 😉

Note that all prices are before GST and there is no service charge! ^^

Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Lemongrass Chicken & Spring Roll / $7.90 (before GST)


The Lemongrass chicken was tender and succulent! Love it! The noodles (vermicelli) is not those usual Chinese vermicelli <面线> that we eat, but rather Vietnam styled (a little like thick mee fen <粗米粉> that we can order at those fish noodle store aka 鱼片米粉.). I love the tangy noodles as well because the orangey sauce gives the plain noodle a tinge of spiciness, that is not too spicy (’cause I can’t take spicy stuff but this was manageable)!

The brown soup that comes with it is thick and tasteful! But, be cautious when you drink it as it is really hot. When I mean hot, it is really HOT.. ’cause my (our) tongue was (were) burnt slightly when we had out first mouthful.. Moral of the story is to always drink hot stuff cautiously and blow it before consuming.. 🙂

Beef Stew with Fragrant Rice / $8.90 (before GST)


To be honest, the beef was a little too overcooked and solid for our liking but the dark brown sauce was really tasteful. Thus the whole plate was finished, nonetheless! The soup is the same as the one given for the noodle, so it’s good too! Just beware of the hotness. 😉

So, overall, we would say that Pho Street is quite a good place to dine at, for an affordable and satisfying meal. 🙂 We would definitely try it again next time and I am sure we will be lured by that same aroma of that broth next time when we happen to pass by with empty stomachs! 😀

Eyescream & Friends

How can we not have dessert after meal! It is a Friday afterall! And, as the saying goes, we always have room for dessert! Here we come, Eyescream & Friends!

Before visiting Compass One, we have used instagram to look for food that are tagged to #Compassone and we saw cute little monster-like desserts with eyes, and we said to ourselves that we can’t miss this! So… Tadah~ Our monster made of Wildberry Yogurt! For sides, we picked caramelized cookies (left) and chocolate fruities (right)!

Complete Set (comes with 2 sides) / $6.90 (nett)


Click on the following pictures to know how to order~

We think the ice cream was pretty okay, not say fantastic but decent. The biggest plus point is that it is adorable and cute! 🙂 However, our monster did not turn out to be as photogenic as what other people get. We were wondering if it was because of the flavour we chose. Maybe it was made from yogurt drink so it’s more watery and liquid as compared to other flavours? We are not sure, but I think I wouldn’t give it a try again as the portion is quite small. Probably llao llao will be more satisfying, given the same pricing for the large size one.

Adieu~ Till the next time we meet.

With love,

After 5 Warriors



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